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We Offer Free Oxygen! And Other Reasons Why A 3D Model Of Your Business Premises Is So Important

“My building is already in Google”:
It’s a reply we often get when talking to people about the 3D buildings we offer, they are usually referring to one of two facts;*they can zoom in, using Google Earth, and see the roof of their building as seen by the satellite that took the Google Earth ground imagery.* or they can go to Street View, through one of the various avenues, and navigate to their building’s address to see the front of their business premises.I want those people to do something, something that will always be good for your business; put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.Now, imagine (as your own potential customer) that you are looking around Google Earth in one of its guises (Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Earth API in a web page etc)……..did you say to yourself:”that flat roof over there, yes that gray oblong, they look like they sell the exact product I’m looking for”?No you didn’t, because every building on the planet has had its roof photographed by a satellite for Google Earth and now appears as a flat polygon on the ground. Nor, when you were looking for a particular business did you say;”I’ll just shimmy along the road in street view for a few miles until I find a business who looks like they provide the product I want”.So, Does Your Business Offer Free Oxygen?
Every business – at least every business with a physical address – has these things, they aren’t a point of difference and they don’t add value to your marketing efforts. Firstly because everyone else has them and secondly because they don’t provide any useful information on your business. Imagine a business who promoted themselves by saying “We Offer Free oxygen” its not a point of difference, and its not of value to their potential customers.What is needed is a way to communicate as much as possible about your business in the clearest way possible. This is what 3D buildings achieve.Here are the three main reasons 3D models are so important to marketing your business:1.They are a container for information; A 3D model isn’t a static item, once clicked it provides all kinds of info about your business and links to your website.2.That container looks cool; 3D buildings look good, and they stand out. They project your business to potential customers in a positive way, reflecting how you project yourself to customers in the ‘real world’.3. That container appears without people looking for you and tempts them to ‘click it’; You don’t need to dive into Street View to see a 3D building, its simply ‘there’ even when you switch to ‘Earth’ view in Google Maps, if your business has a 3D model, it will be shown. People love 3D, the world we live in is 3D, so when people see it on their computer, they are tempted to ‘check it out’. Our 3D buildings go in Google’s 3D Warehouse so we can provide you with statistics on how many people ‘click’ your building.Additionally, it is important to promote your business in it’s local area so when people are actively searching for your type of business, yours is easy to find. The tools for doing this (like our 3D building service) are either free or cheap, so you’d be crazy not to take advantage of them. See my other articles on Location Based Web Marketing and others.I Want To Offer More Than Oxygen:
If you want to offer more to your potential customers than what they are already getting, and you want to make your business information as relevant and usable as possible, hit ‘Get Started’ – for $99 we will have your building, and your business, standing out for the whole world to see in no time.